im following anyone that reblogs this.
no, you don’t have to be following me and yes i will really follow you.
doing this as an experiment then deleting this post at the end of summer.
Hoping to be following over 10,000 blogs by the end of august :)

I’m having a horrible day, and when I saw this little puppy, I smiled
So here, have a little Bernese mountain dog puppy dog that is playing in the snow on your dash

“I want
to kiss every inch of you,
light a fire
deep inside your ribs
where your soul sleeps;
I want
to be -
what awakens your spirit,
what sets your mind free.”
m.v., You seem to be all I want (and it scares me). (via findingwordsforthoughts)

(via new-me-under-construction)


you can tell this is a high ranking bun, because he is wearing a crown that is also a bun

*That can be done without a gymAss to Grass SquatsPlie SquatsSumo SquatsGoblet SquatsNarrow SquatSquat with Heel RaisePrisoner SquatBarbell Front/Back SquatSquat JumpBulgarian SquatSplit SquatPistol SquatBottom Half SquatSquat PulseFrog JumpsGlobe JumpsLong JumpsBasketball ThrowsWall SitKettlebell SwingsLow JacksLungesWalking LungesLunge PulsesReverse LungeLunge with TwistSwitch LungesSide LungeBarbell/Weighted LungesHip RaisesHip Raises with Leg LiftDonkey KicksDownward Dog with Leg LiftExercise Ball Hamstring CurlDumbbell Stiff Legged DeadliftDumbbell Bent Legged DeadliftSingle Leg DeadliftDumbbell Romanian DeadliftGood MorningTuck JumpPlank with Leg ExtensionFront Kick PulsesKnee Lift Pulses
haircuts & Starbucks 😋 #Blendicano inspired by IG’s @mshelllll
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