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Earth (by Travis Odgers)
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It’s no secret that working hard in the gym is the key to physical fitness. But hard work isn’t enough. Rest and recovery periods are just as important as your workouts when it comes to health and fitness.
Personally, I struggle with rest days. I miss the gym and the feeling of exertion, and it’s a battle to remain focused and positive. Over time, I have learned to appreciate rest days for their incredible recovery power. I’ve come to think of rest days not as just days in which you do nothing, but as R.E.S.T. days - a structured and extremely important part of my fitness routine.

Repair. The R in R.E.S.T. is not as simple as just “relaxing”. Remember, exercise creates countless microscopic tears and weaknesses in our tissue, and rest days are necessary for the body to physically repair itself. That’s how we get stronger and faster. New muscle fiber knits together. Connective tissues lengthen and strengthen. Blood vessels deliver nutrients to healing cells. The reality of working out is that bodies are broken down in the gym and built back up only during adequate periods of rest. The work we do in the gym will not yield results unless our bodies are given time to regenerate. Health, fitness, and strong bodies are not achieved by going hard 7 days a week - not allowing your body to fully repair will stall your progress. You could end up going backwards, and may even become sick or injured.
Eat. The purpose of a rest day is to allow your body to repair. So make sure you are giving it the stuff it needs: food! Your body can’t recover itself if you don’t give it fuel and “building blocks” to work with. On your rest day, make sure you are eating at least maintenance amounts - rest days are not a time to be in caloric deficit. Take advantage of your body’s awesome regenerative potential, and eat well to restore your body to tip-top shape for another great week of workouts.
Sleep. Sleep is one of the greatest things you can do for your body. During periods of restful sleep, our bodies work overtime to repair muscles, strengthen joints and connective tissue, burn spare body fat, and reboot our central nervous system (CNS). Chronic sleep deprivation leads to illness, injury, depression, joint pain, loss of hand-eye coordination, poor judgment, decreased athletic performance, and weight gain/retention due to high levels of cortisol (a stress hormone). There is no physical benefit to missing out on sleep. Generally, adults need 7-9 hours of sleep per night. In a busy world where so many of us are lacking in restful sleep, why not use the extra time on your rest day to take a healthy nap and catch up on sleep? Your body will thank you!
Time. Rest days can be a trial of patience, especially for those who love to exercise hard. Chances are that you will “feel” rested and refreshed long before your body is physically finished recovering. However, full rest days are as important to “the program” as your scheduled workouts! If you start feeling anxious, antsy, or moody on your rest day, do something productive and positive. Try reading, arts & crafts, meditation, taking a light walk, or hanging out with a friend. There is more to life, health, and fitness than just working out. Give your body a day away from the gym, and instead use the time to cultivate your other interests.
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